Affymetrix® HG U219

The Affymetrix® Human Genome U219 Array Plate provides comprehensive coverage of the human genome in a flexible array plate format. With strong signal and fold change correlation between sample replicates, it is a powerful and cost-effective tool for studying drug and disease regulatory mechanisms.

Sequences used in the design of the array were selected from the UniGene database 219 (build date March 30, 2009), RefSeq version 36 (July 13, 2009), and full-length human mRNAs from GenBank® (downloaded May 12, 2009).

The Human Genome U219 Array Plate is designed for use with the GeneTitan® System wich demonstrates extremely high performance.

The Gene Titan System

Affymetrix® SNP Array 6.0

Affymetrix® SNP Array 6.0The Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0 features more than 1.8 million markers of genetic variation, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) as well as probes for the detection of copy number variation.

This platform allows researchers to perform association studies with large sample sizes in both initial scan and replication phases, thereby significantly increasing the overall genetic pover of their studies.

The SNP Array 6.0 demonstrates industry-leading performance and represents amore genetic variation on a single array than any other product, providing maximun panel power and the highest physical coverage of the genome (median marker spacing of 680 bases).

Illumina® Methylation 450K

Illumina® Methylation 450KThe Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip is a combination of comprehensive, expert-selected coverage and high sample thoughput for genome-wide DNA methylation studies.

Powered by Illumina’s revolutionary Infinium Methylation Assay, this BeadChip allows researchers to interrogate >450,000 methylation sites per sample at single-nucleotide resolution. Unlike other genome-wide methylation arrays, the HumanMethylation450 BeadChip is not reliant on methylated DNA capture methods and offers coverage of all designable RefSeq genes, including promoter, 5′, and 3′ regions, without bias against those lacking CpG islands.

Applied Biosystems SOLID 4 System

SOLID™ 4 SystemThe SOLiD™ 4 System enables researchers to obtain higher-quality genomes at lower cost without the purchase of a new instrument. With Life Technologies, researchers experience peace of mind.

  • Scalable system: Provides 100 GB for about $6,000.
  • Superior accuracy: More than 80% of the bases have quality values >30 for higher confidence in your results.
  • Uniform coverage: Total Precision reagents improve coverage to enable the discovery of rare variants of the genome for fewer false negatives.
  • Expanded application: Barcoded paired-end sequencing that detects somatic mutations, novel splice variation, and fusion transcripts with less input material.
  • Automated sample preparation: 80% reduction in hands-on time.

Illumina® HiSeq 2000

Illumina® HiSeq 2000

The HiSeq 2000 sequencing system offers unprecedented output and a breakthrough user experience. Leveraging Illumina’s proven and widely-adopted, reversible terminator-based sequencing by synthesis chemistry in combination with innovative engineering, HiSeq 2000 delivers the industry’s highest sequencing output and fastest data generation rate. Human interaction design features and the easiest sequencing workflow set a new standard for simplicity and user experience.

HiSeq 2000 makes it possible for individual labs to take on the largest and most complex sequencing studies at the lowest cost. The ability to process larger numbers of samples and to decode larger and more complex genomes means that virtually any sequencing project is now within reach.